Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture does not hurt.  The needles we use are sterile, disposable needles that are very fine, some are finer than the strand of your hair.  You may feel a miniscule and fast 'prick' sensation when the needle is inserted into your skin, which will only last for a split second.  After that, you may feel a dull or buzzing sensation.  This sensation is a sign that Qi has gathered and the treatment is starting to take effect, and the rest of the treatment is practically painless.

What does the treatment entails?

A session will involve an in depth consultation addressing your concerns, followed by an acupuncture session tailored to your main complaint.  Occasionally, other forms of treatments may be introduced such as Gua Sha and cupping.  These ancillary treatments are often complementary to an acupuncture session, to create balance and harmony in your body.  We will also prescribe customised Chinese herbal medicine formula where necessary, to further strengthen your treatment process.

Should I be mindful of pre- and post-treatments protocols?

Ideally, you should not be on an empty stomach prior to an acupuncture session.  Please have some fruit or a light meal an hour prior to your acupuncture treatment.  As for post treatments, you may feel a sense of being "spaced out" due to the calming effects of the acupuncture session.  We highly recommend that you take it easy, drink lots of water and rest.

How often should I have acupuncture?

The number of sessions will depend on how severe your condition is.  A consistent treatment is often advisable to keep the momentum of your therapy progressing.  Generally, after 6-7 acupuncture treatments, you will see your condition improving.  After that, we will reassess your condition and advise you on further treatments and its regularity.

Will I need to continue my acupuncture treatment after my condition is resolved?

We would highly recommend that you continue your sessions on a monthly basis, for maintenance purposes.  As lifestyle, diet and environment changes may trigger some relapse, monthly acupuncture sessions are advisable to balance your body, enabling it to cope with changes around you.  Prevention is the core tenet of Chinese Medicine.

How much does acupuncture sessions cost?

Please refer to our 'Treatment and Book Online Page' for consultation fees.  We are covered by major health funds and clients are eligible for private health insurance rebate on all consultations.  HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities are available for your convenience and we accept Visa and Mastercard.