Chinese medicine has had a long history of treating fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care.  We describe the passage of reproduction of the body by how it ebbs and flows energetically.  That network of energy connects, supports and cultivates the body for the purpose of reproduction.  Historically, Chinese medicine was practised with very little understanding of the biochemistry and internal physiological development.  As time passed, the knowledge we have available today and the scientific research into reproductive medicine have allowed us to make parallels, by applying Chinese medicine theory and reproductive physiology from Western medicine.  At EASTENTIAL Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, our approach to reproduction is to bridge that gap between Chinese and Western medicine.  Acknowledging that both version of medicine are vastly different, we believe that by utilizing both models (identical development with dissimlar perspectives), we are able to assist you in your fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care journey.




The aim of any fertility treatment is simply to produce offsprings.  Chinese medicine has a long history in assisting women to fall pregnant.  We offer support and provide assistance in the areas of preconception care, natural fertility enhancement and IVF support.  Let us give you a helping hand in your fertility passage.

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Acupuncture offers a drug-free relief for a multitude of problems that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth.  Prebirth acupuncture can enhance the likelihood of an efficient labour and the instructions and teaching of acupressure can make an immense difference to the level of pain experienced during labour.

post natal care


Postnatal care is a vital continuum from conception, pregnancy to childbirth in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We offer the necessary support and nourishment to the body as you surrender to caring and nurturing your newborn, and assist in supplementing and strengthening the body for subsequent pregnancies.