Treatments in women's health is often more complex and intricate than men.  As you navigate through each stages of womanhood and experiencing the ups and downs of these changes, having emotional and physical support is paramount through this transition phase.  We understand that each of us experience these changes differently.  Some may transition each phase with ease and some may struggle to cope with the physiological, physical and emotional changes.  At EASTENTIAL Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Melbourne, we have a genuine interest in treating this incredible complexity naturally, through acupuncture and herbal medicine.  We also aim to assist you by providing emotional and mental support, to help you better manage these changes that make your body and mind blossom, thrive and flourish as it should be.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Fertility challenges, Preconception health, IVF support, Prenancy, Prebirth and Postnatal care

  • Menstruation - Amenorrhea (absence of period), Menorrhagia (heavy period), Dysmenorrhoea (painful period), Irregular period

  • PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis

  • Hormonal imbalances - Acne, Mood swings, Irritability

  • Urinary Tract Infection, Candida, Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge)

  • Peri-menopause, Menopause

  • Mental health - Anxiety, Depression, Postpartum depression, Sleep disorders

  • Allergies - Hay fever, Sinusitis, etc

  • Musculoskeletal - Neck & Shoulder pain, Back pain, Knee pain, etc.

Please refer to our FAQ for further information or you can contact us if you have further queries regarding your health concerns