Workshop - Facial Gua Sha: The Eastern Anti-Ageing Technique

Facial gua sha

Continuation from my previous gua sha workshop on musculoskeletal tension, this time back in Kuala Lumpur I offered a workshop on Facial Gua Sha.  Now you are wondering from the previous blog will those 'sha' appear on the face?  The answer is no!  The technique used for Facial Gua Sha is far more gentle than those used to relieve muscular tension, aches and pain.  The only similarity is the ability of the gua sha to bring more Qi and Blood to the face.

Facial Gua Sha – The Eastern anti-ageing technique has been used by ancient Chinese to keep their facial skin looking youthful and healthy.  Dubbed as the ‘Eastern Facelift” or “Eastern Botox” in current times, facial gua sha has the ability to smooth fine lines & wrinkles, plump, tighten, and rejuvenate tired skin.  This is achieved by using gentle gua sha techniques to the face that encourages circulation, lifting, rejuvenation and lymphatic drainage.  With daily and continuous practice, this method together with daily facial care will see the skin glowing, and benefit overall skin health.  In addition, facial gua sha is also extremely relaxing and a great way to have some “me” time.

It was a wonderful workshop that introduced facial gua sha techniques, how to use the gua sha tool and application on the face.  We talked about emotional factors that may cause premature lines and wrinkles, the Organs that governs that areas of the face, and meridians that transverse over the face.  We also discussed about dietary and lifestyle factors that may contribute towards ageing of the skin.  In addition, as part of Chinese medicine therapy, each participants were given individualised tongue and pulse diagnosis.  This gave each participants a more detailed diagnosis about specific changes in lifestyle and diet to minimise the signs of ageing.

Here are some photos taken at the workshop held at Prana Yoga Kuala Lumpur: